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Ok, let's look at the money side of things. In my work I try and be as fair as possible but also recognise that this is how I make my living.

I do not operate a fixed fee, as some of my colleagues do, instead I prefer to sit down and discuss with you how much you feel you can afford to pay and how much I can afford to accept as a fee.

I look for somewhere between £40-£80 per session based on your ability to pay, I am willing to negotiate lower fees for people on benefit.  If you would prefer a home visit this can be negotiated but I would expect the fee to reflect the additional time and travel costs involved and so would expect a fee in the region of £80-£100 per session.  There is a flat rate fee of £30 for the Introductory Session.

For more information contact me -

Phone: 0161 225 6713 or 07887 564127

Email: info@dkcounselling.co.uk

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