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After you have contacted me we can arrange for you to come along for an 'Introductory Session' at my home in Manchester.  I choose to work from home as I believe this offers a more relaxed, informal atmosphere than working from an office.  Obviously, as the impact of the Coronovirus Pandemic continues, it is not possible for me to do this which I why I am ofering therapy remotely, via phone or Zoom video.  The purpose of this session is to give us both an opportunity to meet each other and find out a little about each other.  You will have an opportunity to tell me why you want to come for counselling and explore what you hope to achieve from counselling.  For my part I will be assessing what your need is from counselling and what is my best approach for working with you.  My style of working is best described as 'Integrative' meaning that I take from a variety of different therapeutic approaches to offer a personal, individual means of support for you.  At the Introductory Session you will also have an opportunity to decide if you want to enter into a counselling relationship with me.  If you do, we then have a small amount of paperwork to go through, negotiate a fee and agree our counselling contract.

I believe strongly that the most effective way for us to work is collaberatively, together we can identify what it is that you want to learn about yourself, or what it is that you wish to change.  We can discuss how you feel that counselling will best work for you, you may have ideas of your own of what you would like to see or do while you are in therapy and I can share my thoughts of what may help.  Together, I believe that we will be more effective in achieving your goals.  Many people think that counselling is about 'tea and sympathy', I do not see counselling in that way at all.  Counselling can be very challenging, it can be hard work and you may have to face things that you would prefer not to face.  However, as counselling takes place in a safe, supportive environment, where I will give you my undivided attention and will not interrupt with my own issues, you can feel confident that, no matter how difficult it may feel at times, you are working to achieve your goals.

If you agree to give counselling a try, and once we have completed the paperwork, we will be entering into a formal counselling relationship, this means we have agreed to work together until you feel you have achieved what you want to from counselling, or feel you have gone as far as you need to.  We will meet on a regular basis for one hour, usually weekly, although we may sometimes agree a longer gap between sessions if this feels appropriate.  I will not offer advice or tell you what you should do but instead help you to discover for yourself what is your own best way of dealing with your situation.  I may suggest exercises or tasks for you to do in between sessions with your co-operation.

I am an accredited, registered member of the Bristish Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), this means that I work with the guidelines set by the BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions and I am subject to their complaints procedure.. I hope that this demonstrates how seriously I take my role as a Therapist.  I try to demonstrate my ethical approach in my work but always try to balance this with also being genuine and letting you see the person behind the therapist.

For details of my fees please see the page 'How much does it cost?'

For more information or to arrange an Introductory Session, please contact me -

Phone: 07887 564127 / 0161 225 6713

Email: info@dkcounselling.co.uk

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