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David Keenan
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Working with difference in gender and sexuality
Working with difference in gender and sexuality
Here in Manchester we have a large, diverese LGBT community and I specialise in counselling with difference in gender and sexuality.  This means that anyone who is LGBTQI+ and feels that they fall outside of the accepted mainstream view of 'heterosexual' or 'male/female' can feel safe to explore their identity in therapy with me.  This by definition may include: gay, lesbian or bisexual people, trans people and other gender variant people, or people who engage in sexual activities and practices that the some people may consider to be 'unacceptable' such as kink or BDSM.
I can work with you to explore your sexual orientation or gender identity and any difficulties that you may be having in relation to these. However, I also offer a space where you can explore any other issue unrelated to your sexual orientation or gender identity without judgement.

As a specially trained and experienced therapist working with the LGBTQI+ community, I am aware of the potential factors that are likely to have affected you, and the issues that may arise during the therapy.  Thereby making sure that I offer the most appropriate, safe and effective support and therapeutic intervention in helping you to deal with your distress and to achieve your desired outcomes.

I have worked for many years with people identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or with sexual lifestyles that other people may struggle to accept or understand.  In addition to this experience I have also accessed additional training in working with difference with Pink Therapy in London, the UK's leading LGBTQI+ therapy and training organisation.  I have also facilitated many workshops in working with difference at a variety of locations in the North West and Yorkshire.

For more information or to arrange an Introductory Session, please contact me -

Phone: 07887 564127 / 0161 225 6713

Email: info@dkcounselling.co.uk

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